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If You Read One Article About Towers, Read This One

All About Cell Tower Leasing

Cell providers sometimes rent towers from a cell tower company. These towers are important because they improve cell coverage. A cell tower that hosts many cell providers brings in more profit.

To avoid being exploited by wireless companies consult a cell tower lease consultant The cell tower lease consultant is an experienced negotiator of cell tower leases because they understand how much they are worth.

Any legal process that involves a cell tower lease will be best handled by a cell tower landlord advocate. Advocates who know the laws that concern cell towers in different regions will be very useful to a property owner.

Cell tower lease landlord is a person who has leased out their land or building for cell tower placement. A good location for a cell tower is what attracts cell tower companies.

If a wireless company agrees to pay the property owner one lump sum, then this is called a lease buyout.
To get a good valuation for the cell tower, consider the market value of a cell tower lease, value of your property and where the cell tower will be placed on your property or building. A proper valuation means you will get the best price for what you offer.

A contract is a written agreement between the leasing company and the property owner. Once a cell tower is placed, there will be certain stipulations for a property owner that a consultant can help a property owner understand.

Fresh negotiations for a lease means you are getting a lease renewal because the previous lease is expired. You can get more money during a lease renewal with your consultant’s help.

Term escalators refer to a payment percentage for a couple of years while an annual escalator refers to a percentage that can be adjusted annually.

As a property owner you may see a cell company seeking to upgrade its rooftop cell site coverage. A property owner of such a rooftop should ask to see the drawings of the intended changes. Cell tower companies must submit consent letters to property owners before they can proceed with any rooftop cell site upgrades.

Finally, don’t sign contracts or consent letters without consulting your advocate. Let your advocate be on the lookout for better deals on the market which could prove profitable for you in the long run. Buyouts are not the only rent payment methods so consider other payment methods that will suit you best. Term escalators are in the best interest of cell tower companies but not in the property owners interests because of inflation.

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